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The name of this shop is perfect with what it represents. I spoiled myself with a little gift from their site and it did feel like self care, keep up the good work.


The love vial looks so nice and pretty cheeky.


My mom (60yo) asked me if I can order some stone pendulums from here. She must have found the site while googling. She loves them and I think I’ll come back soon with an order for myself.


Great quality, fast shipping, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to spoil itself for once!!!!

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In each of our product is a little bit of our love

You cannot mend souls with medication, as you cannot heal your life without hope and a trustworthy holistic approach. All of our products are hand-picked, and only chosen because we would buy and use them too without hesitation. We invite you in a world where all that matters is you and your healing and your connection with the universe.


What is the purpose of organic self-care products?

The primary purpose of organic self-care products is the provide essential healing and support to the body and soul. Just like without medication, you can't heal your body; likewise, without a trustworthy and holistic approach, you can't heal your life. This is why at self-care-shelf, we have come up with a handpicked range of organic self-care products so that you can buy them without hesitation.

What changes can healing crystals bring in your life?

According to the experienced practitioners of healing crystals, they can prevent bad energy, boost low energy, transform the body's aura and release blocked energy.

What are crystal intention candles?

Crystal intention candles include crystal chips or crystals, which can help you focus on your energies and support relaxation and reflection. These candles are often infused with essential oils for a better impact.

Can everyone use and read tarot cards?

Tarot cards are for everyone since every person has intuitions, and tarot card reading is just a way to connect with them. Besides, you don't need to be a psychic to get a good reading; you can easily do it by spreading the cards on a desk.