Silver Aura Amethyst Cluster

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    Silver Aura Amethyst Cluster Silver Aura Amethyst Cluster Silver Aura Amethyst Cluster Silver Aura Amethyst Cluster Silver Aura Amethyst Cluster Silver Aura Amethyst Cluster

    Product Details

    The Silver Aura Amethyst Cluster has similar properties with purple amethyst but it's main difference is that it focuses on balance. Different parts of your mind may be clouded or stressed, and the silver aura amethyst cluster helps balance these negative feelings with positive ones to help calm your soul. It clears energy blockages in your body and is a high energy stone. It brings compassion, joy, and excitment into life's experiences. In ancient times this stone was used for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. Balance your mind and body with the silver aura amethyst cluster today!

    When light shines on the cluster, beautiful shades of silver eminate from it, making a marvelous display stone. 


    Height: 1 inch

    Width:  2 inches

    Length: 3.7 inches

    Weight: 5 ounces

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Paul Holt
    i love the sharp edges

    its like how i pictured it

    Natalie Johnson


    Beverly Fontenot
    for psychic protection

    i used it and the description does not lie!

    Margaret Sinn
    this makes my home feel peaceful

    i love it

    Valentine Silva
    so good

    fair priced