Healing Smudge Kit

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    Healing Smudge Kit Healing Smudge Kit

    Product Details

    This kit includes Rose Quartz, Palo Santo Stick, and a Peppermint Sage. This kit will leave you feeling refreshed and new.  Perfect for anytime you feel the need for some inner healing or self-care.


    Palo Santo is the traditional remedy for pain relief, stress, and inflammation. Besides, it is used to clear out the negative energy. Suppose you want to experience additional benefits of Palo Santo stick. In that case, you can invest in our Healing Smudge Kit, where you will find the benefits of Rose Quartz and Peppermint sage altogether. This entire kit will make you feel new and refreshed.

    To get on the path of self-care and inner healing, you should invest some time in our website for support. We have the finest range of products that will take away all your negative energy and fill you with positivity.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Dorothy Stewart
    positively surprised

    I was surprised to see how nice this set is. Everything came in the order and well made. I was surprised that the scent wasn’t as nice as some other Sage and the lingering scent wasn’t as nice either. But it all was great. Good sized Sage, the kit is a great value. I would buy again.

    Anna Roberts
    great gift

    Gave as a gift she loved it

    Erma Eatman
    good quality

    I am very pleased with this product. Very well presented and packaged. The sage is beautifully wrapped and smells wonderful.

    Mary McPherson
    todo me gusto

    Muy exacto a lo que me imaginé

    Lorraine McKoy

    Worked fine