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    Cleanse Trio By CuartoAstral Cleanse Trio By CuartoAstral Cleanse Trio By CuartoAstral Cleanse Trio By CuartoAstral Cleanse Trio By CuartoAstral

    Product Details

    • This trio contains one 3-inch selenite stick, one 4-inch white sage and one 3-inch palo santo.
    • Selenite Crystals are remarkably peaceful. They instill a deep sense of inner peace, clarity and carry a very high vibration that makes them ideal for healing. The crown chakra is associated with the Selenite stone and aside from this you can use Selenite to contact your Guardian Angel or Spiritual Guides. Cleansing and clearing other crystals of negative energies and vibrations is another wonderful property of Selenite.
    • White Sage is used for healing. The smoke is uses to bless, cleanse and heal the person or object being smudged. The Native American tribes were known to ise sage for multiple purpose such as heaing, clearing space and ceremonies.
    • Palo Santo is an aromatic incense, it is a natural wood, known for centuries by incas and other indigenous cultures as spiritual remedy. It is used to clean crystals as wells as cleaning spaces. While burning and spreading the smoke of the Palo Santo in every corner of the house, it is recommended to acompany it with a prayer to fill the cleared spaces with positive energy.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Carolyn Grant
    good product

    Was exactly what I was looking for! Worked well and smelled nice. :)

    Paul Pak
    good idea for a gift

    Such a nice little bundle. The selenite is a nice size. The safe and palo santo really helped and smells good. Don’t forget to open a window or door to let out the negativity! Lol.

    Larry Johnson

    Just as adorable in the picture and great quality!

    Michelle Mitchell
    better than in the pictures

    My selenite was large & gorgeous! And the sage & palo santo was perfect.) much better then I expected.

    Jerry Broadwell
    i love it

    I sage myself when I have a bad day at work to release negative energy and it really helps! The palo santo stick smells really good. Great bargain set. Thank you