Where are you shipping?

We ship everywhere in the USA

How fast will the products ship?

Our products are handcrafted in multiple locations in the United States.
The average shipping time ranges from 1 business day to 7 business days depending on the product mix.

What about shipping costs?

Shipping is free for orders over $75.

For orders under $75, the cost ranges from $5 to $10, depending on the product mix.

What is your returns policy?

Most of our products can be returned No Questions Asked, for 10 days.
The only exception from this is for products that are considered "consumable" (ex. oils, sage, candles, etc.). These products can be returned only if they present defects.
If you want to return a product please use the "Contact Form".

The return costs will be covered by the customer.

What materials are you using in your products?

We only use eco-friendly materials and we make it our mission to use only natural and organic ingredients in our "For the body" range of products.

Where are the products made?

99% of our products are hand-made in the USA

Where can I find more information about your store?

See the story of our store in the "About Us" section and get to know us better!

Not sure what products match your needs? Let us help!

Are you not sure what products are the best match for you?

Use the contact form, write us about your needs and we will get back to you with our recommendations and a special gift!

For more Information Fill the form and we will respond as Quickly as Posible

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