We are a small family business who strongly believes that practicing spirituality and self-care makes significant improvements in the quality of our lives. We have dedicated our time to explore a holistic and spiritual lifestyle that allows you to create a relationship with yourself and your Higher Self. Nowadays a lot of things can get between us and our most authentic self: social media, stress, anxiety, lack of meditation, trying to solve any small headache with pills - basically always attacking the consequence, without looking at what triggers it. 

Our Story

We all started our spiritual journey from somewhere, and we were all once skeptical. We, for example, started creating a new life balance the moment we joined a spiritual retreat years ago. The location looked nice and we thought it would be relaxing after a tough week at our 9-5 work. Little did we know that in a single week we would learn the overwhelming power that plants hold over our body and how meditation, reiki and manifestation are powerful tools to change our lives for the better. We managed to enhance our health only after we mended our soul and mind, day after day, month after month. This road is not a quick fix, but a long life journey, where we must be aware at all times of what is happening in our body and our mind, where we must discover new ways of taking care of ourselves periodically. 

Our Mission

In 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, we decided that the world needs healing more than ever, and we started using our knowledge regarding the healing powers of self-care products and spiritual tokens and we made this site come to life. No matter how far you are on your journey, we are here to help. We offer a select range of products that we strongly believe are a must have for anyone that seeks a more ancestral and healing lifestyle.