What is the purpose of Intention Candles?

What is the purpose of Intention Candles?

Everyone lights candles, but few of us know and understand the point or purpose of a lit intention candle.

The informational lighting of candles is an ancient technique that unfortunately has not been properly passed onto future generations, even though many people today claim to be spiritual, this practice is not understood in its depth. I will try to be as concise and clear as possible in the following presentation of this technique.

Intention candles are very powerful "tools" used for many purposes, from environmental decoration, relaxation, meditation to magic.

Information Candle Charging or Candle Magic is a powerful magical practice if used correctly. The purpose for which we use candle magic differs from practitioner to practitioner - from the intention to materialize our small wishes to large magical and/or religious ceremonies.

About good or bad purposes I will not speak, just as I will not speak about white magic or black magic, because Magic is neither white nor black... white or black is the heart and mind of the practitioner/initiate.

Thus, initiates know that any candle can be informationally charged in such a way that their desires can be most strongly imbued into the vibrational fields to materialize them or for purposes of protection, invocation, worship, prayer, meditation, etc.

How does an informationally charged candle work? 

Imagine that you like a song so much that, for good measure, you put it on repeat mode until you get tired of it. Basically, a properly charged candle, or as our ancestors used to say: "a candle with a purpose", is nothing more than a tool through which your information (prayer, incantation, invocation, etc.) is transmitted repeatedly into the universe until it is consumed.

Which are necessary steps?

Correlate the color of the candle with the type of information you wish to upload into the candle.

Focus clearly on intention/desire/purpose - do not load a candle with "dozens" of intentions. One intention = one candle!

Be persistent - the greater the desire / intention / purpose - the more candles you will charge and light

Be aware that your entity's signature will be found on that information you project out into the universe.

The methods of informational charging are many, each practitioner/initiate in magic will choose or create the method that suits them best and works for them. I will relate one of the easiest and quickest methods that I also practice sometimes.

Step 1. Cleaning! Candles need to be cleansed of the energies they hold (production, manipulation, selling or other energies such as the mental, emotional and spiritual state of the one who made, sold, etc)

Step 2. Information loading (or the purpose, the chanting, the blessing, etc.)

Step 3. Sealing the information (so that the information we have uploaded cannot be removed or transformed by other forces, energies, vibrations or even altered by them)

Step 4. Igniting and transmitting the information into the immediate environment, the common vibrational field or the universe.



Step 1 - Cleansing

Energetically cleanse the body of the intention candle by whatever technique is most comfortable for you, mimicking the physical cleansing of an object of impurities, but at the same time being aware that you are doing it on an energetic level.

Step 2 - Information Charging

Place the candle on a stand or table. Rub your palms together until they warm up, then hold your hands on either side of the candle and focus on the information you want to charge the candle with. You can also use consecrated oils in the process of charging information... but it is not a mandatory step.

Step 3 - Sealing

The purpose of sealing the information is to prevent it from being cancelled or altered by other vibrations/energies/foreign intentions. Sealing is usually done by applying symbols (pentagram, scho ku rei, cross, etc.) that you are working with or are familiar with, and saying specific seal words (example: so be it! or amen! etc.). Do not use symbols or say seals that you do not master or know!

Step 4 - Lighting

Lighting the candles - the simplest step, but also the one that defines the starting point of transmitting and "writing" information into the universe on the specific vibration.


Candles are usually left to burn out, or if they are larger and have a longer burn time they can be extinguished and relit later. No charged candle is extinguished by blowing out the flame! This gesture is canceling information... It's like not agreeing with what this candle is sending out into the universe. Therefore the blowing out of the candle by the one who has charged it with information is definitive in stopping the writing and materialization of the information charged in the candle. This gesture is done in certain cancellation rituals, which I may talk about later.


Do not leave lit candles unattended or in places where they can tip over or near flammable materials.

Don't blow out candles because you'll void the information you charged them with!

The longer a candle is, the longer its vibrational field extends over many metres. The longer a candle burns, the more information is inscribed in the universe.

Use candle magic with respect and responsibility. Remember that whatever you send out into the universe you get back! (Sow wind? Reap storm!)