The Citrine

The Citrine


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Appearance:It occurs as transparent crystals of varying sizes, and is often found in geodes, peaks or clusters.

Other names: Cairngorm stone

Countries of origin (where it is found): BRAZIL, RUSSIA, FRANCE, MADAGASCAR, UK, USA

Chemical composition: SiO2+Fe

Hardness: 7 (out of 10)

Colour: yellow to brown or smoky brownish-brown

Basis of crystallization: trigonal

Keywords: manifestation, personal will, mental clarity, creativity, light, joy

Chakras: root(1), sexual/creative(2), solar plexus(3)


The name of the Citrine stone comes from the French word "citron", a word meaning "lemon" and refers to the color of this stone. The yellow colour of the Citrine stone is due to the iron that is found in the quartz that forms Citrine, this crystal being in fact a variety of quartz. Because of its appearance and because of its energetic properties, Citrine is also called the "Light Maker". Citrine stone was used by ancient civilizations to fashion jewelry, especially among the Roman and Greek civilizations. Also known as the "Merchant's Stone", Citrine is believed to bring prosperity when kept in the money box.


Citrine stone is a crystal with very high purifying and regenerating energies. Its energy is due to the power of the sun and precisely because of this solar power it is a very beneficial crystal, which transmits warmth, being strongly energizing and creative. Citrine brings energy to all planes of life, including helping to purify the chakras, especially the solar plexus and navel chakra. It also contributes to the activation of the crown chakra and the development of intuition. This crystal also contributes to the purification of the subtle bodies and the harmonization of these bodies with the physical body. Citrine attracts abundance and prosperity in our lives.

Because of its bright yellow light, which reflects equally vibrant energy, Citrine is a kind of Vitamin C for the soul in that it exudes optimism and joy. By connecting with Citrine you can reconnect with the energy of the Sun, which is stored in this crystal and acts as a positive energy in all aspects of life. It is a crystal designed to raise the vibration and help you adopt a positive and optimistic attitude throughout the flow of life.


Citrine is among the stones that bring abundance. Because of its dynamic characteristics, Citrine is a crystal that can teach anyone the ways to attract prosperity, wealth, success and all those things considered to be good, as well as the ways in which they manifest in everyday life. The energy of the Citrine stone that exudes joy and generosity encourages us to share with those around us the abundance we have and at the same time contributes to the preservation of the wealth we have.

On the emotional level, Citrine is indicated for those who want to get rid of melancholy and sadness, as well as negativity. It is a crystal that supports understanding and smoothes out conflicts within families or different groups of people. Moreover, it supports the idea of cheerfulness, removing fear, fear of responsibility and mania. It contributes to the understanding of feelings that are most important and at the same time contributes to emotional balance. On a mental level Citrine crystal has the energy to revitalize the mind and support concentration. By encouraging inner calm, it is a crystal that supports wisdom. In addition it has an important contribution in analysing different situations, understanding them and resolving them in a positive way every time. Last but not least, on the mental level Citrine contributes to the awakening of the higher mind.

From a psychological point of view Citrine is a crystal that contributes to the increase of self-esteem, self-confidence, individuality and motivation. It is a strong supporter of creativity and self-expression, but at the same time combats destructive tendencies in self-defeating behaviour. Citrine is very useful in supporting an optimistic and positive approach to the future, promoting the idea of letting go of the past and letting the flow of life carry us along. As the Citrine stone favours new experiences, it encourages finding the best solution in every situation by exploring all available options.

As far as the physical body is concerned, Citrine brings a lot of vigour to the body, but at the same time protects people who are very sensitive to environmental influences or to the influences of other people around them. Because of its positive energy, Citrine can help you connect more easily with your inner light and at the same time bring optimism into your every behaviour. It contributes to the regeneration of one's spirit. By being associated with the solar plexus chakra, Citrine is very effective for increasing self-confidence and personal strength. By strengthening this energy centre you can dissolve all blockages and feel your spirit and body being flooded with energy.

The significance of the Citrine crystal reminds us to choose happiness every day, even when our life does not perfectly match our expectations. Thus Citrine encourages us to make the conscious decision to be happy regardless of what is happening around us. When you feel that you are trapped in a negative cycle of thought and attitude, the Citrine crystal can help you to rise up and find the feelings of happiness that are within you. As a manifesting and amplifying crystal, Citrine empowers your intentions and makes the practice of manifesting those intentions that much more powerful.

Healing properties:

Citrine is a crystal with very numerous and important healing properties. It has a healing contribution to degenerative diseases. It also supports the organs of the digestive system and the heart, but at the same time reduces infections in the body. It also contributes to the circulatory system and helps with menstrual problems or menopausal symptoms. Citrine stone has the property of balancing hormones and relieving fatigue. It is a powerful detoxifier of the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Among the soothing effects of Citrine are the treatment of constipation and the removal of cellulite from the body. Due to its thermal effect, Citrin treats the nerves and at the same time brings balance to the thyroid gland. Other conditions in which Citrin can have a healing effect include diabetes, acidity problems, anaemia, appendicitis, the urinary or excretory system. It is also recommended for people who wear glasses because it improves vision. To benefit from the healing properties of Citrin, it should be placed at the neck in contact with the skin or where it is needed. It can also be held in the fingers.

Maintenance suggestions:

Due to its chemical composition Citrine is among the crystals that should never be cleaned. Citrine crystals have the power to absorb, transform, remove and anchor negative energy so they help protect the environment. Be aware that in contact with the sun's rays Citrine loses its colour. It should be handled with care as it is very fragile and can easily scratch. Because it does not store negative energy, Citrine should not be washed very often with soap and water, and should be charged in the sun, but without prolonged exposure.

Who is Citrine recommended for?

Citrine stone is recommended for natives of the zodiac signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces. In terms of birth month, Citrine stone is recommended for November natives and numerologically this crystal is assigned to the number 6. It is a recommended crystal for those born in the year of the Rooster. From the perspective of fields of activity and professions, Citrine is a crystal indicated for pupils and students, but also for teachers or psychologists. Business people can also benefit when they draw on the energy and properties of the Citrine stone. It is also a recommended crystal for those working in the field of communication and psychologists.

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