The biggest challenges will be divine connection, relationships, family, accepting differences and choosing what is right for us. This will be a test of how much you love yourself and how connected you are to your divine self. Can you follow the voice of your divine self or the voice of false promises?

A powerful challenge is to accept polarity and difference as real and useful, as part of life, and to stop expecting nature to do only what feels comfortable. This can stimulate conflicts of interest and all sorts of conflicts of ideals and views on life.

It will become more difficult to maintain relationships that are not based on real communication, and relationships that do not have a strong foundation will be strongly contested. We may also better understand what our interests are and choose to let go of many people with whom we no longer share interests. This is a natural way to move towards the group with whom you will resonate best.

We will have all the reasons and temptations to face as tests of our faith and trust in our divine voice. The choices we make now will influence our path as a collective and as individuals for a long time to come.

Through all of the challenges, the underpinning is our acceptance of being human and all that it entails. We can choose to be human, which is a divine expression of self-awareness, or we can choose to be something else.


One of the biggest shadows is conformity, as mentioned above when we talked about numbers. We usually conform because we want to keep peace, but it's not real peace, so it can explode when we least expect it and bring us a lot of pain and suffering. This in no way suggests being a convinced rebel, but finding the middle way, which is usually very difficult and feels like going through the eye of a needle.

Another aspect is the lower timeline or lower path which is a nice temptation and beckons you with pleasures and all sorts of frivolities to keep you busy and away from what you can do to help yourself. This is like a timeline of addiction where you find yourself wanting more of the same thing over and over again, never seeing that it is never enough and can't give you what you really need.

Distractions can be very prominent and enticing, creating compelling stories and narratives to follow. This is a major bifurcation of choice and can become very evident this year, so evident that you may no longer be able to offer assistance or help to those on other general timelines.

Instead of union, some people will choose separation, and this will be recognized more and more this year as this group will become more and more dedicated in choosing separation and focusing on their own timeline. Try not to get in their way, this group will choose to separate from you and whatever you say or do.

Communication can start to become extremely painful or really pointless at very different time intervals. You are invited to witness, but not interfere in the way each person makes their choice to live. Help those who will ask, but don't reach out to those who are very far from you.

Another shadow is extremism with its dramatic views that people can completely focus on. These groups will become so absorbed in their extreme views that they can see no other solution or option and can stimulate intense conflict. The conflicts are there because they need to harmonize, as extreme positions are painful, but they will need time to accept their own mistakes and responsibilities. Strangely enough, some people in these groups have a very high possibility of quickly jumping into harmony because they are already very deep in pain. Some of the people in these groups can be helped with compassion, love and common sense.

Another serious shadow is the lack of self-love and self-care. We are asked to take care of ourselves and put ourselves first by opening ourselves to true love and divine love. This will begin or deepen our healing process.


The main focus in 2022 is on self-love and self-care. Self-care will diminish our desire to tell others what to do with their own lives or what to choose. Taking care of ourselves will begin to open the door to deep healing and then remind us of our connection to our divine self.

If we are already on the healing path, this year will be really beneficial for us as it will support us to address those hidden traumas, imbalance in our psyche, mental stress, disconnectedness from self and life and the desire to come home and find harmony.

Communication is another aspect, because to express our healing we will be tested through interaction with our human family and how we react will tell us where we need more work. Communication is not just an exchange of information, it is a link between two different worlds as each of us has our own internal language. The basis of deep understanding is to know the other person's language intimately.


The practical focus is to simplify the way we see our relationships and to choose those in which we can feel and freely express who we are. Instead of supporting conflicted relationships, we choose to stop perpetuating unhealthy patterns and let go of the desire to please someone or wear a particular mask.

We are also invited to simplify our relationship with ourselves and let go of too much analysis, too much fanciful imagining of the future, too much fear and projection, and come back to the here and now and rest. We are encouraged to return to seeing ourselves with innocence and simplicity, stop burdening ourselves with the weight of the world and begin to remember our purpose.

Simplify yourself and take care of yourself and your family as best you can. Take care of your basic needs and meet them. If you're thinking about getting into healthy physical shape, then this would be a good year to start doing that. Find ways to show love and compassion and reach understanding instead of conflict. If you can't reach agreement, let it be, show acceptance of the other person's point of view and release it.

Another practical focus is your image. Think about your image and what you are radiating to others. We don't need to be an open book, but we are invited to review our image and what we really want to show others as us.