The Aventurine

The Aventurine


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Appearance: Aventurin has an opaque appearance, being sprinkled with sparkling particles of various sizes. It is often rolled.

Other names: Green quartz

Countries of origin (where it is found): ITALY, BRAZIL, CHINA, RUSSIA, NEPAL

Chemical composition: SiO2 (silicon dioxide)

Hardness: 6,5- 7 (out of 10)

Colour: green, blue, red, brown, peach colour

Keywords: truth, communication, harmony, chance, optimism, manifestation

Chakras: heart(4), throat(5)


The name of the Aventurine stone comes from the Italian word "a ventura", meaning "chance". In fact the name of this crystal was originally taken from an artificial mineral, which is now called the Golden Stone, and Aventurine is similar in appearance to this mineral. Goldstone was originally called Aventurine because it was created by an accident in the 17th century, when glassmakers spilled copper flecks into a glass vat, and what we call Aventurine today has the same glassy appearance.

There are different uses of Aventurin, and in Ethiopian culture it is used to make various tools. On the other hand, the ancient Tibetans frequently adorned the eyes of statues with Aventurin because they believed that this crystal would help to increase the power of the statues. Aventurin is a crystal that is also nicknamed 'The One Who Makes Things Happen'. The Aventurin stone is a stone under the rule of the planet Mercury, and its polarity is Yang.


For those who feel they are the unluckiest people in the world, Aventurine is the crystal they need, being an extremely positive stone. This crystal can bring you all the luck in the world whether we're talking about a job interview, the finances in your life or if you're looking for the right life partner. From this point of view Aventurine must be present in your life if you want to attract luck and prosperity in your daily life. Aventurine is ideal for activating and supporting the heart chakra. From this perspective we are talking about a crystal that can attract love into your life. Aventurine is also known to enhance masculinity for a man and increase femininity for a woman.


Aventurine signifies confidence and helps to amplify and strengthen the one who holds this crystal. Because of its appearance, Aventurin radiates brightness, these rays of lightness are considered hope and opportunity. It also contributes to the awakening of innate abilities by guiding one's self and one's abilities. In this way, by highlighting strengths on a personal level, you will be able to reach abundance.

Because Aventurine is closely linked to the heart chakra, this stone is very powerful for calming negative emotions that most often remain stuck at the heart energy centre. Using this stone, the healing powers of Aventurine will flow through your chakras and you will regain harmony and balance by cleansing toxic emotions accumulated in your physical and emotional body. Through this amount of positive energy and by opening your heart you will benefit from a burst of self-confidence and opening your energy field to attract new possibilities and opportunities into your life.

The Aventurine Crystal is also meant to support goals of success and wealth. As a crystal that supports feelings of optimism and the manifestation of strength, this crystal is highly recommended when it comes to finances and wealth. Aventurine guides you to have an open mind, but also an open heart towards all the opportunities that are presented to you, thus increasing the attraction you have towards those opportunities that you need to have a development from a financial and career point of view.

When you work with Aventurin you realise that luck is in your hands and that you can create your own luck in life. This crystal helps you become one of those lucky people by teaching you how to find an opportunity in every situation. After all luck is a mental habit, it is a skill that you can practice all your life and improve. Aventurin is also a crystal that removes all doubt and negativity from your thought system so that you are open to all new possibilities.

Aventurin helps to sustain the courage and confidence to pursue every opportunity that comes your way and to make the most of every such situation. By changing your outlook on life and taking action, you can become the luckiest in all aspects of life. When you feel that you are able to go anywhere and achieve any goal, then you will be able to turn dreams into reality much faster and with more power, and the Aventurine stone can help you do this. Furthermore, by using Aventurin you will be able to let go of self-imposed limitations and overcome any energetic obstacles to reach your full potential. Whether we're talking about professional changes, setting new financial goals, buying a house or any other goal, the Aventurine stone is an ideal choice for support.

On an energetic level Aventurin is ideal for protecting you from "energy vampires", those people who drain us of energy when we spend time around them.

Healing properties:

Aventurine stone also has healing properties for the physical body. Thus we are talking about a crystal with a strong healing and strengthening role of the body, but also about a crystal indicated for the health of the lungs, kidneys, heart or urogenital system. It also helps to reduce fever, inflammation and migraines or to eliminate stress and blood pressure. It also helps to detoxify the body. It is indicated to be positioned or placed on areas with pain or affected by certain medical problems.

Who is Aventurin recommended for?

The Aventurin stone is considered to be the lucky charm for the natives of the sign Cancer. Other zodiac signs for which this crystal is recommended are Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra and Sagittarius. In terms of birth month Aventurine is meant to be extremely useful for those born in August. Numerologically we are talking about a crystal that is recommended for those under the influence of the number 3. Among the professions that can appeal most reliably to Aventurin and for which this crystal is recommended we can mention people in the area of management, but also entrepreneurs.

Varieties of Aventurin and characteristics:

Green Aventurin is known to be the best, being the one that brings emotional peace by promoting a positive attitude towards life and bringing good cheer, joy, harmony and happiness. It contributes to the purification of the physical, mental and spiritual bodies thus promoting well-being and health. It is also a strong supporter of calmness, compassion and empathy, removing anger. On a mental and intellectual level it is a stone that supports creativity and motivation as well as independence. Green aventurine is recognized as a "prosperity stone". As healing effects Green Aventurin stimulates healing in the muscles and bone system, relieves headaches and migraines. Supports balanced blood vessel and cholesterol pressure. In addition this variety of Aventurin is recommended for treating sleep problems, but also to get rid of fear and stress.

Red Aventurine is known as a "stone of possibilities". It enhances creativity and the ability to discover possibilities, bringing prosperity and eliminating negativity. Red aventurine also improves blood pressure and blood circulation. It has healing effects for the nervous system and the reproductive system, but at the same time it is a crystal with a powerful role in supporting physical healing in the body.

Another variety of Aventurin is blue. Blue Aventurine is especially recommended for treating and healing mental problems.

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