The Apatite

The Apatite


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Appearance: it is a mostly opaque crystal, sometimes it can also be transparent.

Other names: Calcium phosphate

Countries of origin (where it is found): UNITED STATES, MEXICO, NORWAY, RUSSIA

Chemical composition: Ca5[(F,Cl,OH)|(PO4)3

Hardness: 4,5 - 5,5 (out of 10)

Colour: yellow, green, greyish, blue, white, violet, purple, reddish-brown

Crystallization bases: hexagonal

Keywords: inspiration, satisfaction, motivation, access to knowledge

Chakras: solar plexus(3), heart(4), throat(5), third eye(6), crown chakra(7); (predominantly for throat chakra)


The name of these stones comes from the Greek word "apatos" a word meaning "to deceive or "to be deceitful". This name comes through the unique properties of this stone. Being a combination of different levels of fluorine, chlorine and hydroxide, apatite ranges in colour from deep blue-green to green, but can also be found in yellow or even pink or purple. With the help of Apatite crystal, crystal specialists believe that you get the message "Increase your appetite for life". Native Americans used the natural energy of these crystals in purification rituals thousands of years ago to connect with nature and the life-giving elements.


The Apatite Crystal is meant to assist in clearing the fog produced by confusion and blockages in one's view of life, which can create toxic emotions and a disruption of the chakras and the flow of inner power. With the help of the Apathetic Crystal this fog is removed by reminding us that what happens before and after are small consequences. The energy of Apathy holds the key to eternal happiness.


Apathy heals the mind and spirit, also contributing to the development of the inner spirit. It helps to reach higher levels, making an important contribution to building self-confidence. Through its properties Apatite opens the throat chakra, which helps to affirm the correct messages you wish to convey. Apatite crystal is a stone of manifestation that is linked to past lives and at the same time bridges the future. It supports social activity and encourages more effective communication with others. It is a stone that supports finding the deeper truth, removing anger and apathy, even eliminating anger.

Healing properties:

With the help of the Apatite crystal you will be able to regain the state of clarity you need to have enlightened the path to self-expression. The Apatite Stone provides the guidance we need to maintain a delicate balance between pursuing our dreams and the responsibilities we have as adults on a daily basis. Apatite reminds us that through self-knowledge we can open those doors of the Universe through which everything becomes possible.

The Apatite Stone is truly helpful in that it works to strengthen and amplify intention, providing the mental clarity needed to deepen focus and spiritual awareness. The Apatite Crystal can be used for setting intention because it channels the mind towards that intention. Apatite energy comes to invigorate the appetite for life. It is suitable for use during periods of intense study as it strengthens the intellect and supports mental activity.

On a healing level Apatite can support past trauma and stress. It can be extremely useful when you want to make a life change for the better. On a physical level Apatite can have healing effects on the kidneys, thyroid, oral cavity or nervous system. The healing effects of Apatite are also found in the bones and muscles. Diseases caused by strong emotions or heart disease can also be treated with the help of Apathy. By helping to suppress the feeling of hunger, Apatite helps to speed up metabolism and thus supports healthy eating choices.

In addition to general properties and characteristics, there are specific properties depending on the variety of Apatite. Blue Apatite is meant to support the connection to the higher plane of spirituality, opening the throat chakra and counteracting emotional distress. On the other side we have Yellow Apatite, which helps to eliminate toxins and remove depression or apathy. Also with the help of the Yellow Apatite crystal cellulite can be removed and the pancreas, bladder and gallbladder can be healed.

Who is Apatite recommended for?

The Apatite Crystal is the talisman of those born in December and is recommended for Gemini and Aquarius natives. Numerologically it is a stone that is indicated to be used by those who are under the influence of the number 9. The planets that dominate or rule this stone are Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune. Professions that can best enjoy the properties and characteristics of the Apatite crystal include people with higher education and those in the field of education, priests and those in the medical field, as well as psychologists or those who need to communicate frequently.

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