The Amethyst

The Amethyst


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Appearance: It is a variety of quartz. It crystallizes in the form of purple, transparent spikes of various sizes. It is most often found as a cluster or geode.

Other names: Purple quartz


Chemical composition: SiO2+(Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, Li, Na)

Hardness: 7 (out of 10)

Colour: violet, partly colourless and cloudy, green (Prasionlit)

Basis of crystallization: trigonal

Keywords: protection, purification, spirituality, peace, intuition

Chakras: third eye(6), crown(7), etheric(8 and above, above the head)


The name of this crystal is based on the Greek word "a-methystus", which in turn is based on the word "methy" and means "wine". Thus the word "a-methystus" could be translated as "sober". Specialists consider amethyst to be the "Intuitive Eye" among crystals, being placed on the list of the most important crystals.


Amethyst has a very important role in the role of protection, being a stone with a very high spiritual vibration. It brings a natural calm and protects from negative energies in the environment. It is a crystal that helps to remove all blockages and dependencies. On the mental level Amethyst can stimulate or calm, depending on the need of the moment. It is a recommended crystal for mediative practices, being an excellent choice to find stillness and deep understanding during meditation practices. Because of its beauty and transparency Amethyst is ideal for jewellery.

The properties of Amethyst are very closely related to the third eye, which is the centre of spirituality and intuition, and to the crown chakra, which governs our connection to the entire Universe. These energy centres can be associated with the colour purple, which explains why Amethyst is such a powerful crystal for balancing, opening and activating the third eye and crown chakra. Amethyst is considered to be one of the most popular crystals in the world precisely because its healing properties bring more peace, relaxation and spiritual awareness into one's life.

According to the legend attributed to the Amethyst crystal an extraordinarily beautiful young maiden named Amethysta refused the interest of the wine god Bacchus, preferring to keep her purity. The goddess of the hunt, the moon and birth, the goddess Diana, came to the aid of this young maiden and transformed the maiden into a statue of quartz, and Bacchus, impressed by the maiden's devotion, poured wine over the statue, which turned purple. On the other hand, in the Roman Empire it was believed that wearing amethyst stones would guarantee fidelity. Moreover, in the Catholic Church the pure colour of Amethyst is associated with wine transformed into the blood of Christ at the sacrament of the liturgy. Amethyst is also a representative crystal for bishops, as this crystal is found in the many rings used during religious ceremonies officiated by them.


The significance of the Amethyst crystal is very important for a wide variety of purposes. This calming stone allows for the quieting of the mind, which is extremely useful for sleep, meditation and generally moving forward in life in a higher state of well-being. No matter what your goals and objectives in life are, the Amethyst crystal can support this journey. Spiritual practices are among the most common uses of Amethyst, especially when we desire a deep connection with intuition. In addition to facilitating intuition, Amethyst can help improve inner peace. It also supports relaxation and rest when you need it most, namely before going to bed, during stressful times in your life or before starting a meditation. Amethyst helps to raise the energy vibration and maintain a free spirit, and can be considered a useful crystal when you need energy armour.

To find inner peace the properties of Amethyst are excellent in that they help you relax your mind, body and spirit. This calming effect can guide you smoothly to regain balance even when external factors can disturb your peace. Through its ability to cleanse unwanted energy fields, Amethyst crystal can help you connect with your inner peace and leave everything else behind. Amethyst is also recommended for daily energy maintenance. Through daily use of this stone you can build a strong sense of self-awareness and recognize when you have lost your sense of inner peace, thus being able to reconnect with that state much more easily and quickly each time.

Another very powerful way to work with the Amethyst stone is by strengthening your intuition. Being a stone of spirituality, Amethyst helps you connect in a very deep way with your own self. Thus, intuition becomes like a voice in your mind, guiding you in a subconscious way. For some it will be very subtle, for others it will be very obvious. Even though we often tend to ignore intuition, when we listen to it we will always be guided to our highest self.

Healing properties:

The healing properties of Amethyst work exclusively to connect you with your mental space and help protect the mind from any worries, stress or tension. This stone is meant to remove any mental distractions or clutter so that you have a clear mind and can feel like you have little time to regroup. By having a state of calmness and mental clarity you will be much more able to find peace of mind and get out of a state of chaos or mental frenzy. Amethyst promotes emotional centering and eliminates anger, rage or fear. It is a stone that also supports altruism, but also a very useful stone for meditation.

From the perspective of healing effects on the physical body, Amethyst supports metabolism and hormone production. It is a strong supporter of the excretory system as well as the immune system. It is recommended for alleviating or curing headaches, but also for treating lung and respiratory health problems. It is also indicated for those who have problems with the intestines. Amethyst is also very useful for those who suffer from insomnia or for those who want a restful sleep.

Maintenance suggestions:

For the care and maintenance of the Amethyst crystal it is recommended to purify the stone under a hot water jet. Afterwards the crystal should be recharged in sunlight or moonlight.

Who is Amethyst recommended for?

From a zodiacal point of view Amethyst is the lucky charm for Aries, Taurus and Aquarius. But beyond these zodiac signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces natives can also turn to Amethyst with confidence. The Amethyst stone is suitable for those born on a Wednesday, as well as for those born in January, February or December. When we talk about Amethyst we are talking about a crystal under the rule of the planets Jupiter and Neptune, and numerologically those who are under the influence of the numbers 3, 4 and 8 can appeal to Amethyst for its properties. The polarity of this crystal is Yin.

From a professional and occupational point of view Amethyst is a recommended crystal for those who are in management positions, for those in finance and IT, but also for church ministers or young people who are in education. Scientists, poets, actors and photographers are also among those who can call on Amethyst. The tourism field and the show business field, as well as those in the public relations area are other fields for which Amethyst is recommended. Being considered the "Intuitive Eye" in the crystal area, Amethyst is highly recommended for use by those working in the spiritual area.

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