Number 22 in Year 2022

Number 22 in Year 2022

This year the collective consciousness shifts from the High Priest Archetype to the Beloved Archetype. Lovers is the only plural Archetype and the year 2022 has only the number 2 in it, so the number also reminds us of the union.

First we'll take a look at the numbers of 2022 and then explore the main themes of the year. We usually use the last 2 digits of the year to express the year as we speak/write, so these last 2 digits are very important. For next year we have the number 22 which is a master number.

Number 22

The number 22 is the master number of PEACE, the power of the Buddha principle. The number 22 is also associated with the Fool Archetype which expresses FREEDOM and trust in our divine nature and the unknown.

With the number 22 and the Fool Archetype, the year 2022 offers a huge opportunity to tap into spiritual wisdom and download a new template for life. This new template includes a new experience of being human and an updated map of the human body and our potential.

Number 22 is also a master of manifesting with focus and mindfulness. In the year 2022 we are invited to focus and refine our vision and plan for life and how we dream a new way of living in a community. We are asked to connect our dreams with reality, to clarify them and to have the confidence to step into the unknown and allow the universe to do its own work of manifesting them.

Like any master number, it asks a lot of you, such as honoring your skills and having discipline and order in what you do. It will ask us to put our arguments and criticisms behind us and focus resolutely on our dreams. Spiritual mastery is reflected in how we take responsibility for ourselves and how we respond to life with acceptance and wonder. The year 2022 will test our spiritual mastery and push us to use our skills to learn peace.

An incredible deep understanding of peace is available to us and its door will open by accepting pain and not avoiding difficult situations. An upliftment to a multidimensional view will be available to those ready for it and able to let life live.

The shadow of number 22 is conformity. 

Being independent and free to create your own inner order based on your truth, responsibility and acceptance of consequences is vital to creating inner peace and well-being. When we fall into conformity we choose to have false peace and maintain conflict.

Through number 22 we are asked to unite in peace and find a way to understand what peace is and what it requires of us. Conformity is not peace, it is an illusory state of fear that masks the path to real peace. They don't mean you should rebel, this is the real process by which you give up conformity and rebellion because they are sides of the same coin.

Number 2022

As we get to the energy of the number and the year itself, we can see that it's about community and finding a way to communicate who we are in a community using compassion and understanding. This energy encourages us to reach for wisdom and higher knowledge to solve our problems, and it pushes us to remember that there is always another way, a way that can help us see beyond our problems and find peaceful resolutions.

By being peaceful we don't mean being passive, comfortable or ignorant, but being ready to find the necessary actions and solutions that bring us all together at the same table, harmonizing our energies.

The number 2022 urges us to find a way forward together, creating new ways to interact and solve problems, accepting differences and showing love. It is a complex year that will be an important threshold for our collective consciousness, a portal.

The year 2021 has been full of turbulence and change, stirring our consciousness like a witch's brew, creating chaos and disorder, but 2022 invites us to find a new way through this chaos, helping each other. 

The way we sense it, this year will be revelatory in many ways, alluring, bringing new and unexpected issues to the surface... all to harmonize the mix, to harmonize the different energies and desires in the human collective. In 2021, the ingredients in the pot were added one by one, stirring as the potion reached the boiling point. In 2022 we stir and mix to harmonize all the ingredients into a useful potion.