Modern-Day Women's Relationship with Jewellery: 5 Reasons to Consider

Modern-Day Women's Relationship with Jewellery: 5 Reasons to Consider

At the Start: every woman today considers jewellery a fundamental part of her beauty accessory and routine. It’s like an accent of feminine attributes as it highlights every attractive aspect of womanhood. It is, therefore, unthinkable for most women to live without jewellery, whether simple or sophisticated. Jewellery has a special role to play in women’s appreciation & perception of beauty in general.

And that’s where modern-day women’s real bond and relationship with jewellery becomes extraordinary. The fascination is enduring with rings, bangles, necklaces, pendants, earrings, nose pins, hairpieces & toe rings. But what makes women get so devoted to their jewellery? Is it an ancient tradition that has survived generations of practice? 

According to ancient beliefs, the more jewellery a woman wore, the more likeable she became to potential suitors in marriage. Today the tradition seems to have survived for generations of practice. Married women fancy all types of jewellery, as, at weddings, jewellery is a prized commodity. So what are the top things to consider in women’s relationship with jewellery?

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5 Reasons to Consider Why in Women’s Relationship with Jewellery  

Jewellery has both Sentimental & Real Value

Most jewellery is made from precious & semi-precious stones that command high value in the market. For women, this is a sensible way to store real value while enjoying the sentimental value they have attached to their jewellery choices. Whether it's platinum, diamond, gold, black opal, ruby, tanzanite, red beryl, musgravite, etc., for women, these precious stones are real means of keeping some of their financial value and wealth.    

Accentuates a Woman’s Beauty and Esteems their Confidence

There’s something special about wearing your fashionable outfit and topping it up with your trendiest jewellery pieces. Any stylish woman will ‘feel on cloud nine’ and be unstoppable. It elevates their sense of themselves and enhances self-love and appreciation. When a woman knows she’s the centre of attention stylishly, there’s a confident spring to her stride. Jewellery seems to do that effortlessly and with ease.

Timeless Expression of Elegance, Taste and Style

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For women, each jewellery piece is an opportunity for self-expression and style. You cannot find a woman who doesn’t fancy dressing up and partnering it with matching jewellery tastes. It’s inherent DNA that drives women to make tasteful fashion choices and enhance them with matching jewellery.

Symbolic Expression of Power, Status and Wealth

Just like in ancient culture and tradition, jewellery was an ultimate expression of one’s status. In other cultures, it identified the specific social strata or community one came from. Today with social progress, many women may feel the need to emphasize their status and wealth. Some women may feel the more highly-priced & variety in the jewellery wardrobe, the better.

A Sign of Tradition & Culture Preservation

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In other culture’s and traditions, women have always worn and adorned themselves with different jewellery. Some jewellery marks out specific levels of society they have attained. For instance, baby girls, pubescent girls, engaged, married & widows have various jewellery types to wear. 

In the End: we can see that there’s a long line of things that make women develop a special bond with jewellery. These are all unique to different cultures and regions. And with a self-care-shelf, women can tap into a world of energy-infused precious and semi-precious stones, be it pendulums, necklaces, bracelets, crystals and more.

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