Love is a very big word, usually seems otherworldly, and many of us cringe when we think of it. We somehow use it as an ideal we can't attain, falling into complacency and choosing to believe it's either not attainable or we don't deserve it.

Love and freedom are our ideals, the two most important desires we have and the light we seek. On the way there we stumble and somehow get lost, punishing ourselves in a life without love, where freedom is not possible.

Love and Freedom go together because it is love that can set us free. Why? Because when we act and live from love, then we are not a threat to each other and we understand how to be free together. It is love that can give us free will, because love is the basis of free will. We say that you cannot love someone by force or imposition and it is true. Love gives freedom of self.

But what is true love? Most of us seek love and few of us find it. It seems to be the hardest of things in this particular place of expression. Many will choose to take the name Love in vain, and so ignore it, bash it, write it off, diminish it, judge it as weak and so on. Most of these ideas come from the minds of people who have forgotten true love.

It is love that guides us, it is our inner compass and our home. Love is our signature, but it is our choice to express it or not. It is our choice because love sets us free and waits for us until we return home. When we know love is home, we are free and we are safe.

Love is not the expression of weakness because love endures death and is the bond that will guide us from birth to death and back. Love endures all pain and suffering with intense strength and never backs down or gives up. Love is there to be kind and it is there to be tough when needed.

Love is not about giving up, losing yourself in one group or another, being passive, being aggressive or irrational, having rose-colored glasses and all the things we think it is. Love is not a concept, it is a living experience.

Love calls us home and that will be the basic call we will feel in 2022.

Do we have the courage to stand in our center and emanate from there?

Can we love ourselves enough to not hurt ourselves and open our eyes to the truth?

Can we love ourselves enough not to shy away from our shadows and differences?

Can we love ourselves enough to get past our fears?

Love calls for freedom and this will be the impetus of 2022. Can we free ourselves by accepting to love ourselves enough to move past our differences?

When we hide from love, we feel disconnected from our core self, from who we are and find ourselves lost, unable to find our way, creating an illusion of self that we hate. The year 2022 raises a big question, "Do we embrace coming home to love or do we continue to lose ourselves?" 2022 can be an opportunity to heal or open deep wounds and it is our choice. I invite you to step into this year with the intention to heal yourself, heal your relationships and exude love.

We may experience freedom conflicts, freedom campaigns and different expressions of love, compassion and humanity as some of us step into true love. Freedom is a consequence of true love, so you are invited to know the love that you are and walk in it. This will empower you to do what is necessary and right for you.


2022 invites us onto a higher path, a more beneficial timeline, a world based on true love, compassion and understanding. Are you going to choose this path? As love brings freedom, you are free to choose this path, you will never be forced.

This path will require you to step through the door of healing, to accept to leave behind your fears and illusions and to embrace your sense of wholeness and solidarity. This path is where you call back all the fragments of your soul and bring yourself home, where everything works for you, not against you.

This path requires you to release the enemy within or without and stop hurting yourself out of fear and delusion. It asks you to choose to see the truth of who you are and to accept the connection to your divine self, your high path self.

Throughout the year, the voice of the soul will call you home, slowly but surely, guiding you into the arms of love, to rest, heal and be perfected. You can hear and follow or ignore and reject, it is your choice. This voice will never stop calling to you and this year it will be very powerful.

The Divine will never ask anything of you with obligation, offer and offer until you open and receive. As you enter 2022, you are invited to open yourself to a higher path, to other options, to new possibilities and new potentials that await you.

We will be asked to choose many things in the year 2022, things that can lead us astray or lead us to the high path, it is our choice. It may seem that the cost of choosing the high road is higher, but the truth is that it just requires us to be ourselves and come home, that's all, but if we are far away, it can seem very difficult to take those steps. I remind you that you don't need to take all the steps today or next year, but it is enough to turn your face and walk the road home.

In the year 2022, I invite you to reconnect with your highest ideals, your highest ethical values, your highest moral center and go home to your soul and spirit. They are there, waiting for you with everything you ever need and want.

Losing ourselves is the greatest punishment we can ever give ourselves and the greatest pain. So great is this pain that we can barely allow ourselves to feel or acknowledge and remember. Whatever happens to you in this world, please remember that there is nothing more painful than to lose yourself and spend endless cycles of empty delusion and suffering in self-ignorance. The only thing that can give you real security is to know that no matter what you do, no matter how much pain and separation you find yourself in, there is always a way home.