How To Use Over 10 Healing Crystals: The Ultimate Guide

Crystal healing has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years due to the increasing acceptance of New Age ideologies, yoga, mindfulness, and alternative medicine. Stones called crystals have physical properties that affect things like light refraction, electrical charge, and more, like a particular arrangement or construction of atoms. These characteristics, as well as how they might impact the vibration, electrical charge, and operation of the human body, are highlighted by crystal healing. For those who are just getting started, check out this guide to healing crystals.


●       Citrine: for happiness


A happy and present-minded crystal is citrine. The act of holding one acts as a pleasant reminder to practice mindfulness and value the present moment. This is an excellent stone for manifesting, and inspires us to pursue our goals, maintain our optimism, and live in the present. It's a potent crystal to utilise during breathwork and is connected to the solar plexus chakra.


●       Malachite: for the profusion


Malachite is a stunning stone with an emerald tint that can give you the bravery and fortitude to overcome any financial anxieties or apprehensions you may be experiencing. By placing a malachite stone over your heart, you can use it to summon the bravery you need to live the life you want. On how to proceed, Malachite can provide you with advice.


●       Black Tourmaline: to eliminate negativity


If you've been experiencing an abundance of negative energy that has become stagnant, black tourmaline is a fantastic choice. Whether it is your home or workplace, it is an excellent crystal for cleansing and generating a more cheerful environment. Utilizing black tourmaline to drive away negativity is as easy as pie. Just set it up in front of your door. You might also bring any negativity you perceive there into your business or workspace. Keep it there for added security and inspiration. 


●       Clear Quartz: for clarity


It has a long history of being valued for its ability to calm the mind and balance the body, and its transparent tint makes it a helpful stone in various contexts. Hold the crystal in your justify hand and shut your eyes. Declare aloud one thing you can do today to reach your financial objectives. From this point on, follow the quartz's cues. 


●       Black Obsidian: for grounding


When you need to ground yourself, black obsidian is a wonderful alternative. It provides a relaxing and upbeat vibe that might assist you in maintaining perspective and hope. Keep your black obsidian close by and easy to access, such as in your pocket or pocketbook, on any given day that you anticipate being emotionally tumultuous or otherwise unfounded. 


●       Black Jade: for intuition


Black jade could be a wise choice if you want to sharpen your intuition and connect with what your highest self requires. An excellent crystal to always keep on hand is black jade, especially if you ever feel like you need to put your intuition front and center. Bring it along whenever you need an extra boost of intuition and clarity, whether traveling, trying something new, meeting someone new, or in any other situation.


●       Rose quartz: for love


The stone representing unwavering love and a popular choice among people when it comes to romance is rose quartz. It promotes forgiving others as well as ourselves, and it is connected to the heart chakra. This gem is excellent for fostering and boosting your capacity to receive love from others and to love yourself unconditionally. Place your rose quartz over your heart after taking it out. As you breathe in, picture the stone sending forth love to heal your heart by removing grief and darkness.


●       Moonstone: for emotional support


Overall, moonstone is a very empowering crystal because it is recognized for bringing emotional balance, enhancing focus, and aligning with the cycles of life. Breathe deeply and, while holding a moonstone over your root chakra for around 60 seconds, picture the chakra's center flashing vivid red. Observe the negative energy getting drawn out of your chakra core, out through the soles of your feet, and into the earth.


●       Carnelian: for inspiration


Carnelian may be the remedy you require if you're suffering from a creative block. We can use it to get rid of the barriers that make us feel exhausted, uninspired, and stuck. Only with one glimpse, carnelian's brilliant orange color has the power to evoke enthusiasm, creativity, inventiveness, self-assurance, and joy. Additionally, you may put it close to your vision board to give your manifestations a little extra power.


●       Shungite: to be safe


Due to its strong grounding properties, Shungite is supposed to protect you from electromagnetic waves. When you're feeling overburdened, direct your attention to the spot where the stone makes physical touch with your body, close your eyes, and concentrate on your breathing. This slow, deep breathing can help you find your core and bring about mental stillness.

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