How to Cleanse Your Home with Sage

How to Cleanse Your Home with Sage

Spiritual cleansing is done to remove negative energies or unwanted spirits from your home using purifying herbs. It is good to cleanse the house from time to time to adjust the emotional environment in the home and maintain peace. Whether you're moving into a new home or renting a new office space, it's good to cleanse it to banish negative energies and bring in positive vibes. Cleansing with herbs is effective when you are very upset, depressed, and have resentments. Cleansing with herbs "smoking", is a way to cleanse a person, place or object of negative energies.

Very important to know, since the smoke is actually inhaled into the lungs, there can be no altering substances or unnatural additives. This is why you must use a reputable source, organically grown plants of the purest quality or collect your own plants. Various herbs can be used in combination: sage, lavender, rosemary, sweet grass, cedar, juniper, incense, various resins, etc.

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Spiritual cleansing with herbs removes any negative energy, negative thoughts and feelings and helps to cleanse the aura. Spiritual cleansing with sage is done for protection against evil and negativity. It is a powerful cleansing ritual in the Native American tradition in which herbs are burned for emotional, mental and spiritual purification. The effectiveness is based on the theory that the smoke attaches to the negative energy of the space, cleanses it and carries it with it, releasing this energy into another space to be regenerated.

Sage is a powerful herb that holds a sacred place in many religions due to its effective purifying energies. This small evergreen shrub is used in the kitchen as a cooking herb and as a medicine due to its antibacterial, antiseptic and antispasmodic properties. This herb heals, restores balance and cleanses the body and mind of negative spirits and impurities. This powerful herb has been used for thousands of years in many rituals and ceremonies. It is used in cleansing rituals to restore positive energy, clarity in thought and healing. The Druids and Celts used sage to receive wisdom and knowledge, as well as for protection and healing.

There are several varieties of sage used in healing. The commonly used botanical name of sage is Salvia Apiana and it is also known as California White Sage.

Spiritual Sage House Cleansing - Ritual

Performing a sage cleansing ritual to remove negative energy from your home is not difficult. You just need to prepare some necessary ingredients to perform the ritual and gain knowledge about the whole procedure. To perform a spiritual sage cleansing you need: white sage, a heat-resistant ceramic pot or a large candle holder, native music in the background (it might help to focus your thoughts).

Before starting the ritual, it is necessary to focus mentally and physically on the process without other distracting factors. The first step involves preparing the space, creating a quiet environment by turning off electronic devices (computer, phone, TV, etc.).

Take a few deep breaths to bring the mind into a relaxed and positive state. Once you have achieved a positive state of mind, prepare the sage for burning. White sage for burning is available as a dried herb wand tied with string or in loose form. If you are using loose sage in the clay pot, light the sage using a self-burning charcoal and when the charcoal turns reddish place the plants in the middle of it. Say prayers, mantras or requests for positive energy to remove any negativity. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, clearing the mind of negative thoughts. Visualize the space within you and around you filled with light, protection, healing, positive light. Think of light as a shield against dark forces and negative energy. Any action, taken with intention and faith can become a powerful ritual, so consider the intention ahead and set it clearly in your mind, invite the spirit of the plant to join in to guide and assist you with your intention. Send up a prayer for what you wish to achieve with the ceremony (cleansing, harmony, protection, self purification, space purification, healing, new home blessings). Before you begin, open a window, all cupboard doors and drawers, negative energy will come out with the smoke. Light the wand, then blow into it and when the smoke appears you can use your hand or a feather to "smoke" the space. Spread the sage smoke in all directions throughout the house. Slowly, carry the pot across the room to make sure the smoke reaches every corner. Walk the pot throughout the house, around walls, corners, door frames and windows.


During this ritual, you should focus on positive energy, recite prayers, mantras. Soothing music in the background is beneficial. After you have finished the process of spiritual cleansing in the whole house, the sage binding is extinguished and you can use it for further cleansing .

In a sacred cleansing ritual, white sage ( Salvia Apiana ), considered a healing herb, is most often used. Sage is one of the most sacred plants to the indigenous peoples of North America. It is used in the energy cleansing ritual known as purification, whereby the smoke will attach to the negative energy of the area and cleanse it so that it becomes positive energy. It is known for the atmosphere of protection and security it creates, immortality and longevity. When burning, sage has the effect of transforming the atomic structure of the air, it affects the living creatures that breathe the air.

It is important to understand that the ceremony is a participatory one, the aspect of this ritual is more powerful than smoke, to encourage positive energies to fill the space like smoke, it is a way of clearing and healing the soul, a way of creating your sacred space. Being fully present, aware, positive and centered during a ceremony is key to this cleansing ritual. If you can't feel respect for this sacred practice, find someone spiritually and energetically prepared to do it. Sage and other wonderful herbs are Mother Earth's gift, they are a fundamental part, given by Creation to heal the wounds of the soul, for spiritual well-being.