Candle Magic: A Guide to Manifesting Your Desires

Candle Magic: A Guide to Manifesting Your Desires

You can enter a trance at the sight of a candle burning with an elegantly dancing flame. Does candle-gazing make you feel anything deep inside? If yes, then prepare for some candle wizardry. The warmth of a fire can be so soothing that it teaches you how to concentrate your thoughts and make your goals come true. In every culture on earth, fire is a source of magic. Candle magic, when used with intention, is powerful enough to help you attract plenty, good health, inner peace, love, and prosperity. You can concentrate your desire(s) and release your energy into the Universe to make your wishes come true while holding a burning candle. A personal feeling of clarity on your objective is essential for the magic to operate in your favour; otherwise, the candle cannot assist you and/or you wind up receiving what you desired in an unhelpful manner. Keep in mind that fire is merely a tool you can use to more effectively command the Universe with your intentions. When practising any form of earth magic, it's crucial to remember that you should never aim to hurt someone else because you'll eventually reap what you sow. 

Selecting a candle that corresponds with your request is the first step. Each of the many hues has a distinct meaning. Virgin candles perform best when they haven't been used for any other purposes previously. Other components, like crystals, essential oils, dried flowers and herbs, can enhance the spell. Put the candle in a spot that's tidy and uninhabited. Spend some time in meditation to unwind, calm your mind, and concentrate on the candle and your goal for it. Create your own routine to make it fun as well. The rest is up to you in terms of where, when, and how, as long as you're following the fundamental stages. Take a moment to picture your manifestation coming true, how you will behave or feel once you receive the outcomes you were hoping for, etc. after you have lighted the candle, prayed, or used whatever particular ritual you use.

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Candle Color Meanings and Applications:

Orange: resilience, accomplishment, wealth, youth, rapid changes, and independence

Yellow: self-assurance, optimism, charm, communication, good fortune, and focus

Green: money, prosperity, prosperity, growth, healing, and fresh beginnings

Blue: meditation, devotion, spiritual defence, getting over addictions, finding inner peace, and trauma

Purple: improve bad karma, astral travel, wisdom, ambition, and psychic powers

Red: desire and lust, negativity and pessimism, strength, vigour, courage

White: Truth, blessings, togetherness, tension relief, purification

Black: health, illness, loss & sorrow assistance, reverse hexes/curses, absorbs bad energy, reveals secrets.

Brown: travel, rebirth/renewal, financial prosperity, strengthening telepathic talents, equilibrium, stability and grounding

Pink: romance, companionship, spiritual uplift, self-acceptance, belief, and forgiveness

Gray: difficulties, knowledge, psychic protection, patience, and imagination

Gold: abundance, joy, consciousness, wisdom, power, influence, and divination

Silver: astral world, aspiration, chastity, ancestral communication, and creativity

Maintain a private practice to allow the magic to only flow in your direction. When lighting the candle, give it your intention, spiritual energy, and your thanks for the gifts you are about to receive.