The Beloved Archetype brings each of us face to face with each other, seeing our human nature, spurring us to come home to who we are in our core selves. As we become more and more separated by the exacerbation of our differences, we strive to grieve, to rationalize and hide our pain from each other, to try to be brave and show resolve, but there is a point when this becomes too much. That moment comes when we open our hearts and remember what the root of our suffering is.

We were created different from each other, different in shape and form, different in expression and choices, but we have a central core in which we are undeniably united. At our core we are always connected and together and when we let our differences outweigh our acceptance, we begin to hate each other and suffer greatly.

As long as we focus on our differences and judge them as unacceptable, undeserved, not allowed to exist, aggressive, sinful and perpetuate a lack of understanding for each other, we begin to dig a grave for all that is original, divine, unconventional, new, imaginative, creative, fun, alluring and beautiful. In doing so, we forget our core selves, we forget where we are united and together, thinking our differences have no value to exist.

Our differences create diversity and originality and are what make us unique and what makes life fun and beautiful. When we want to suppress them, then we want to avoid life and bury our souls in a colourless existence. We can't stop the sun, but sometimes we think we can. We cannot make a colour disappear from the rainbow, though we may delude ourselves that we can.

The year 2022 will support a process of accepting differences and harmonizing. This means that everyone will participate and be in the potion mix, but each of us can choose to shout, fight, be violent or be peaceful and at ease while doing so. Life is compassionate with us, always holding us in its arms with love, so we will be divinely guided to harmonize our inner aspects and outer expression.

Choosing to accept differences doesn't mean you will forget your choices or desires, it means you are ready to accept both your path and the path of others as valid. We can walk together, even though we are on different paths. When we accept our path, we don't have to fight with others because we are focused on our own. Our paths may cross, but that doesn't mean we can't move forward... yes we can, it's just a crosswalk.

We can live with each other's differences if we accept our differences and can understand that other people may not have the same ideas and perspectives on life. Strange as it may seem, other people may live in totally different worlds than we do, and while we are in the same place, we may have a different view of things.

By imposing our vision, we want to subjugate the vision of others before our own, to cancel out who they are and replace them with who we are. When we do this, we are actually looking for ourselves, and we expect others to behave like us, because that is the only way we can feel safe or okay with ourselves.

Deep-seated misunderstandings arise when we try to impose who we are on someone else, trying to turn them into a copy of us. We might think the world would be better and safer if we were all the same, but we would actually hate that world because we usually hate our differences or what makes us unique.

People who have suppressed their differences or uniqueness may feel threatened by those who display a different perspective, because they will remind them how hard they have suppressed themselves and react by showing what they have done to themselves, i.e. suppressing their thoughts/emotions/words.

There is a general feeling of insecurity when someone sees a difference they cannot understand. In many cases, they may not accept that they don't understand and this will bring a harsh and dishonest judgment, trying to defend themselves because of a perceived threat. The threat is the unknown, the unknown represented by the energy expressed by the other being. The unknown can be unbearable and frightening, and therefore unsafe.

We are here together and we can only live in peace if we can accept each other as we are, and if we can accept each other as we are.