Setting intentions is a very private process. Only you are capable of understanding what you believe is lacking in your life or what you're attempting to manifest. And when you carefully and thoughtfully follow the instructions, your spirit will match your desired outcome.

We'll walk you through the steps of meditation and show you the most effective technique to make intentions.

This is an excellent exercise when you start feeling disconnected from your inner self. Follow these instructions to re-establish contact with the cosmos and yourself.

Pick a candle

Aromas greatly influence our mood, and certain odors cause us to feel differently. The mind-body connection can be strengthened, and you can physically enter the correct state of mind for your objective by using candles.

Setting your objective from the outset is crucial because the choice of scent is crucial to efficacy. Match your daily smell with your gemstone and focus your aim for optimal results.

Select a gemstone

Each gemstone aids you in channeling specific energy required for enhancing the potency of your goal, similar to scent.

When you use gemstone jewelry to set your purpose, you carry the stone with you throughout the day and channel energies via it as you establish your desire. Its presence keeps you on the path to fulfillment by reminding you of your objectives and aspirations.

Cleanse the stone you've picked

Your gemstone can be freed from the evil energies it has absorbed by being cleansed. There are numerous cleaning techniques you can use at home.

You have the option of immersing your stone in salt water or running it under running water. The energies within gemstones can be cleansed even in the modern world, albeit it is ideal to do so from natural sources like streams or the ocean. 

Both the sun and moon are potent purifying energies. Place your stone on a windowsill or the ground outside and let it do its thing. However, avoid exposing your diamonds to the sun for too long, which could harm the surface. It's time to set your intention after routine stone cleansing.

Focus inward while you light the candle and connect to your gemstone

Sit cross-legged in a calm area with the candle in front of you and the stone in your palm or on your knees. Take a moment to unwind and imagine the world around you reducing to just your candle's light and the stone's weight. Just five minutes are all you need to set your intention and disconnect from people around you.

Consider what it means to you sincerely. Whether aloud or in your thinking, remind yourself of your purpose. Feel your commitment to following through on your intention as much as your desire for it.

After a while, bask in the tranquility. Your eyes may be open as you look at the candle in front of you, or they may be closed as you go inside your head. After carefully extinguishing the flame, wear your gemstone for the rest of the day.

You will experience a genuine connection with your inner self after learning how to create intentions correctly

Any uncertainty or concern is insignificant compared to the earth's forces and your expressions. Setting intentions helps you to foster the mind-body-soul connection.