A Guide to Sage Smudging: Cleaning Your Spiritual Practice with This Healing Herb

A Guide to Sage Smudging: Cleaning Your Spiritual Practice with This Healing Herb

The chaotic energy of this world and modern times are snowballing. It necessitated the idea of cleansing our spaces and eliminating the negative energy. With the help of sage burning or sage smudging, one can quickly eliminate any negative energy lurking in the house. Sage smudging is an ancient ritual used by the native Americans to cleanse their space and fill it with positive energy. Let us educate you about sage smudging and how it can benefit you and your home.

Sage Smudging: History

The sage smudging ritual is also known as cleansing, an ancient spiritual ritual. It is a well-established ritual originating from the Native American culture or the tribe. There are several traditions of Native Americans, such as the Chumash Lakota, Cahuilla, and others.

How To Sage Smudge?

Sage Smudge Stick

You should perform the ritual even if you are unsure that you may mess up while smudging. It should be done by someone who understands the ritual and why one should do it, but it can also be used in any circumstance where you feel overwhelmed by negative energy. To perform the ritual, the individual must light up the smudge bundle and use a fan or feather to spread the smoke. When smudging, one should wash their hands with the smoke, similarly, to washing hands with water. After that, they should draw out the smoke over their heads, mouths, ears, eyes, and bodies. It helps to induce good thoughts, actions, words, and sounds and show the good of who we are.

How Much Should You Smudge?

There are rules when it comes to how often one should smudge. However, it is enough indication that you need to cleanse your body and your house if you feel heavy on the inside due to worry, stress, or depression.

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Benefits Of Sage Smudging


    Sage smudging comes with antimicrobial properties. In other words, they will keep the viruses, bacteria, and fungi. There is a white sage that has both antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and can get rid of negative energy as well as insects.

    Relieves Condition Symptoms

      The Sage Smudging process can cleanse the air and bring in positive ions. Following are some elements that can be removed by smudgeing:

        • Dust
        • Mold
        • Pollution
        • Pet dander

      Burning the sage will be a blessing for asthma patients and other people with respiratory conditions. However, waiting for the smoke to go out and then entering the room is better.

      Get Rid Of Negative Energy

        Sage Smudging is a practical spiritual tool to eliminate the negativity from the house, yourself, and other dwellers of the house. It includes traumas, negative energies, or bad experiences. It can help you establish a positive atmosphere. As a result, you can improve your confidence, motivation, and dedication to doing good in life.

        Spiritual Tool

          This ritual has been used for centuries to connect with the spiritual realm. For healers, the burning sage helps to achieve a healing state or help solve conflicts and spiritual dilemmas. According to research, sage plants enhance intuition and is mildly psychoactive.


          Sage Smudging is the best thing people can include in their daily routine as it can help them eliminate bad thoughts. In addition, people going through tough times, such as a breakup, can opt for Sage Smudging to eliminate the previous bad experiences.

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