A guide to healing crystals, including how to use them

A guide to healing crystals, including how to use them

Introduction: stress, fatigue and all the negative impacts of a modern busy life can take a toll on effectiveness & productivity. There are several ways to distress and reduce the accumulation of negative energy that tends to influence or affect the human spirit.

But what are healing crystals, and what is their significance to human life and existence? Let us analyse that below.    

What are Healing Crystals?

Healing Crystals

Healing crystals are mainly semi-precious & precious stones with special healing characteristics.Crystals are also stones with inherent or specific atom formations that influence light refraction, electrical charge or energy and with many other natural characteristics. It is believed they carry specific energies that impact and influence the human body’s reactions and responses.

In essence, crystal healing impacts the human body’s vibration, electrical charge/impulses and overall functionality. Healing crystals in all forms, shapes and sizes like an obelisk, free, sphere, bracelets, necklaces, pendulums, runes, crystal kits and many more are used to achieve various ends & purposes.

From protection, immunity boosts, enhanced wisdom, grounding and fighting negative energies. Below, we learn more about some healing crystals and their inherent powers and boosts.   

Types of Healing Crystals & Inherent Energy Field

Purple Amethyst – Healing Vibration

Amethyst Chevron Sphere

The healing crystal is known for its violet flame healing vibration from melancholy, a persistent feeling of persistent sorrow without any obvious reason. Or being overcome by sorrowful emotions & immersion in sorrowful thoughts and imaginations. The violet healing vibration helps boost immunity, dissolve anger, heal, and cut down on stress, fear, anxiety, sorrow, grief, and is great for spiritual healing and freedom from persistent long-standing addictions.

Natural Serpentine Green Sphere – Kundalini Energy

It is believed to have extraordinary energy emitting from all directions and is the best meditation stone to help tap into inner peace, a stable mind, freedom from all anxiety, and fear, the memory of past lives, clearance of all chakras and enhanced psychic abilities (power to perceive, see, feel, sense, taste, hear & obtain intuition beyond physical world boundaries). Besides, helps calm stress and elevate spiritual healing & perception with new pathways to Kundalini energy.

Natural Lapis Lazuli – For Wisdom

Natural Lapis - For Wisdom


In a free shape form, natural lapis lazuli is believed to possess or is seen as a symbol of truth and wisdom. Its colour intensity is a source of energy, bringing clarity & balance while removing disorderliness and disorganization. Natural Lapis Lazuli is also a source of enhanced immunity and better/clearer communication skills and thought processes.

Special Natural Malachite – Expanded Love Ability

The deeply-rich opaque green crystal helps expand your ability to love, draw love, power protection, love, peace and success in business. Essentially, tap into issues of the heart.

How Do You Use Healing Crystals?

Upon purchase of healing crystals, these steps are good before using them.

(a). You can purify them under river water, raw milk, running water or use special incense or herbs. 

(b). Use a crystal grid

(c). Prayer and meditation

(d). Set your intentions

(e). Connect them to your spirit guides

In Conclusion

We can choose to work with several types of healing crystals to attain specific desired objectives and purposes. There are as many choices and options in healing crystals. Find the ones that best suit your intentions and build your redemptive path to a fulfilling and wholesome life. You can access all types of healing crystals in all shapes & sizes at the self-care-shelf to let your healing begin.     

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